CICL 2016

Fading, Emerging and Flipped Markets: Owning, Licensing or Sharing Technologies?

University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland (25-26 May 2016)

The Eight Annual Conference on Innovation and Communications Law (CICL) was held in
Joensuu, Finland on 25 and 26 May 2016. UEF Law School at the University of Eastern Finland hosted the conference at Joensuu campus. CICL—a joint venture involving the University of Turku Faculty of Law (Finland), UEF Law School (Finland), the University of Louisville Law School (USA), Michigan State University College of Law (USA), Texas A&M University School of Law (USA) and IPR University Center—explores legal issues involving intellectual property law, communications law, and issues related to the intersection of the two. The conference theme varies from year to year.

Call for paper

The organizers of CICL 2016 invite papers on the theme Fading, Emerging and Flipped Markets: Owning, Licensing or Sharing Technologies? Contemporary markets are in turmoil. Technologies are changing the what, who, how and the where of what we eat, buy and share. Consumers, businesses and governments alike are replacing their real-world communications infrastructures with digital alternatives. Fundamental shifts occur in manufacturing, agribusiness and entertainment affecting the health and wealth of the global workforce. Multinational corporations – whether Monsanto, Uber, SuperCell or Google – are re-designing traditional markets and global trade by forcing a shift of trading platforms. Intellectual property protection lies at the heart of these shifts, whether enabling new markets or fortifying power positions in fading markets. Do the values of the sharing economy translate to law and governments? Can law shape liability to ensure security, sustainability, access to these markets without disincentivizing R&D intensive industries? How do businesses respond to legal uncertainty and diversity between national laws?

We invite papers on legal issues relating to;
1) innovations law, e.g. 3D printing, biotechnology, food & health, environment and climate change.
2) communications law, e.g. telecommunications, social media and gaming
3) new communications infrastructures, e.g. collection of personal data, internet security, collective licensing and self-regulation
4) innovative global sales & marketing infrastructures, e.g. internet service providers, non-commercial & commercial sharing platforms, public and private regulatory responses, global franchising or mass contracts.

Abstracts are reviewed by the consortium on a rolling basis.
Submit your abstract for consideration by March 31, 2016, to Prof. Katja Lindroos at Visit UEF Law School’s webpage for registration, updates and