13th Annual Conference on Innovation and Communications Law (CICL)

May 11-12 2023, Poznań (Poland)

Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) will host the 13th Annual Conference on Innovation and Communications Law (CICL) on May 11-12 in Poznań, Poland.

Marketplace is the vital reference point for any discussion on innovation, particularly technology driven innovation, and communication as a social phenomenon. This discussion inevitably returns to the question how much regulation of market participants, private actors, private relations is needed, and how effective are legal provisions in reaching the goals of innovation, free flow of information and development of new technologies, while safeguarding public interest.

European Union has always been focused on the market in the broader perspective of social economy, special status of cultural goods, and nowadays, of fundamental rights discourse and sustainable development goals. The calls for inclusion of ethical concerns in the development of technologies and AI are voiced on the regular basis. This experience can be shared while challenges should be confronted from the global perspective.

The organizers of CICL 2023 would like to invite papers on a wide variety of topics exploring legal issues pertaining to intellectual property, communications and related areas.

The questions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • How do market challenges impact IP law, communications law and related law areas?
  • Which new proposals can be brought to the discussion on creators and users, inventors and investors, traditional and legacy media, traders and consumers?
  • Have we dealt sufficiently with exploitation of markets vital resources: data and information?
  • What are the most urgent problems faced by courts, administrative or advisory bodies?
  • What other roles and tasks should be discussed so that creativity and innovation could flourish?

Please submit your abstract to by February 19th, 2023. Abstracts will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

For further information about this year’s Conference, please visit