CICL 2016 – Program

CICL 2016: Eight Conference on Innovation and Communications Law

Fading, Emerging and Flipped Markets:

Owning, Licensing or Sharing Technologies?

Joensuu, Finland—May 25 and 26, 2016


Day 1: May 25, 2016


9:00     Welcome and introductions

Prof. Katja Lindroos, UEF Law School

9:15 to 10:30: Innovations law

Governing Medical Commons

Prof. Michael Madison, University of Pittsburgh, USA

IP Issues Relating to Digital Flavors

Prof. John Cross, Univeristy of Louisville, USA

Impact on Transgenic Technologies- Policy vs Reality

Prof. Mei-Hsin Wang, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan


10:30 to 11.00: coffee break


11:00 to 12.15:: Communications law: telecommuncations, social media, gaming

Videogames and their Clones

Prof. Susan Corbett, Victoria University Wellington, New Zeeland

AADHAAR- the New Avatar- Privacy vs. Welfare

Prof. V.C. Vivekanandan,

Enter the Matrix: Effects of CJEU’s Case Law on Linking and Beyond

Prof. Peter Mezei, University of Szeged, Hungary


12:15 to 13:30:  lunch


13:30 to 14.45 Sharing economy

Collaborative E(U)conomy

Frank Hoogendijk

Consumer Interests in the sharing economy

Agnieszka Jablonowska, University of Lodz, Poland

Evolving Digital Market

Joonas Huuhtanen, UEF Law School, Finland


14:45 to 15:15: coffee break


15:15 to 16:30:  Online Content and Big Data

Contractual Protections of Website Content

Prof. Eliza Mik. Singapore Management Univeristy, Singapore

Information Power Assymmetries in M2M Communications

Maria-Cristina Maconcinschi, University of Turku, Finland

The Making of an Orphan: Diligent Search Requirement and Mass Digitisation

Laura Zoboli, Bocconi University, Italy

Regulating Terms and Conditions on Licensing of Copyright: 3D Printing files

Kan He, Ludwig Maximillian University, Germany

18:00:  Dinner (Fransmanni)


Day 2: May 26, 2016


9:15 to 10:30:  3D-Printing

3D Printing and Trademark Law

Prof. Lucas Osborn, Campbell Law School, USA

3D Printing and Patents

Prof. Nari Lee, Hanken School of Economics, Finland

3D Printing and IP Strategy

Mikko Antikainen, Hanken School of Economics, Finland


10:30 to 11.00: coffee break


11:00 to 12.15 Market Structures & Copyright

Copyright and Intermediary Market Structure

Prof. Glynn Lunney, Texas A&M University, USA

Limiting geoblocking in online content distribution

Dr. Juha Vesala, University of Helsinki, Finland

Ipv6 :Challenging Privacy and Net Neutrality

Vasiliki Koniakou, University of Turku, Finland

The Interesting Case of Audiovisual Media Services in the EU

Prof. Katarzyna Klafkowska-Wasniowska, Adam Mickiewicz University. Poland


12:15 to 13:30:  lunch


13:30 to 14.30 Trade secrets and Standards

US and EU Trade Secret Directive

Prof. Sharon Sandeen, Hamline University, USA

Reverse engineering of software for interoperability and trade secret protection

Dr. Ulla-Maija Mylly, Unviersity of Turku

ICT Standardization and Competition: Searching for Global Governance beyond Fragmentationa and Protectionism

Riccardo Tremolada, University of Naples Federico II, Italy


14:30 to 15:00:  coffee break


15:00 to 16:30:  Global challenges to IP protection

Be-Labouring IP Difference in the Global IP Market

Lee-Ann Tong, University of Cape Town, South Africa

National Security Provisions- Protecting Security Interests or Discrimination in Respect of Availability of Patent Rights?

Anne-Mari Lummevuo, Unviersity of Turku, Finland

Climate Change Conundrum- IP Regime and Transfer of Clean Technology

Shreyeas Negi Hidayatullah

18:00:  Dinner (Aura)